Regi – Regi Wants A Creampie, Regi Gets A Creampie

By Eve | July 24th, 2014
Regi Wants A Creampie, Regi Gets A Creampie

Regi is a 62-year-old divorcee from the Czech Republic. She's happy to be here, fucking a guy who's exactly half her age.

"It is exciting to be wanted by so many younger men when you're in your 60s," Regi, who's Czech, said through a translator. "I love younger men too, so it is a perfect situation for me."

Regi didn't always put her sexual side on display.

"I was not allowed to be free when I was married. He was a decent man when we first started dating, but things quickly changed. Now I am free and having so much fun. Women my age weren't always allowed to be so cavalier with their love lives. I can now pick whomever I'd like as my sex partner and nobody thinks I'm crazy. That could also have to do with where I live. Prague, in the Czech Republic, is a very open and sexual place."

Regi is very open and very sexual. Her pussy is a very sexual place. In this scene, it gets fucked every which way, and when the guy can't hold back any longer, he shoots his load in her old cunt. Naturally, Regi lets us watch as the cum spills out of her pussy.

"I never thought I would be 62 and fucking men on-camera for all the world to see," said Regi, who's a bookkeeper. "This is so exciting!"

Regi Wants A Creampie, Regi Gets A Creampie

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Regi – Regi Gets Her Creampie

By Eve | July 22nd, 2014
Regi Gets Her Creampie

The first time Regi fucked at, after the guy had blown his load all over her pretty face, she said, "That was fun! Next time, I want to do a creampie!"

Well, who are we to say no when a sexy GILF asks to have a stud cum inside her old pussy? We didn't say no, and here's 62-year-old Regi in her second scene, sucking cock and fucking and yes, getting a creampie. She's obviously happy about it. As the cum drains out of her pussy, Regi has a big smile on her face.

"I love when men cum in my pussy!" Regi told us through a translator (she's from the Czech Republic).

Blond and busty, Regi strips out of her button-down shirt and skirt and lies face-down on the massage table, totally naked. For some reason, the masseur shows up wearing just a towel around his waist, and that's fine with Regi because when he pours oil on her back and starts rubbing it in, she gets rid of that towel and starts sucking his cock.

Maybe that's why he was wearing just a towel.

Regi Gets Her Creampie

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Cammille Austin – Big tits? Check. Piercings? Check. Gaping pussy? Check!

By Eve | July 17th, 2014
Big tits? Check. Piercings? Check. Gaping pussy? Check!

Cammille Austin, a 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Arkansas, fucks on-video for the first time at It's a very special occasion. Cammille, who's only 5'1", has big tits and piercings in lots of special places, like her nipples and pussy, and she likes to tug on them--and have others tug on them--while she's sucking cock or getting fucked. She also has a gaping pussy, which is always nice on a 50something. Tony, our stud, makes it gape by fucking Cammille deep and hard and removing his cock just at the right time so we can see deep inside her pink cunt.

Cammille is not a porn star. She's not a swinger or a nudist. She's the wife of a surgeon and loves when her husband watches her fuck. We asked Cammille how often she has sex. "Three or four times a week," she said. We asked her what turns her on, and she said, "Having sex with multiple men." We asked her if she enjoys anal sex, and she said, "Yes, but it depends on the size of the guy's cock."

Anal sex? Group sex? All in good time, Cammille. For now, we're going to feast our eyes on that pretty face, tight body, deep-sucking mouth and gaping pussy and enjoy ourselves.

Big tits? Check. Piercings? Check. Gaping pussy? Check!

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Cammille Austin – The new MILF has a gaping pussy!

By Eve | July 15th, 2014
The new MILF has a gaping pussy!

At first glance, Cammille Austin, a 56-year-old wife from Arkansas, looks like the woman next door. Blonde and beautiful, of course, and sexy, but she could be a businesswoman or even a librarian in her button-down top and modest skirt. But then the clothes come off, and we see what Cammille is really all about: the big tits, the bra that her nipples poke through, the crotchless panties, the tattoos and the piercings. Both her nipples are pierced and so is her shaved pussy. Cammille is the woman next door who loves to fuck and who you'd love to fuck.

Is she a swinger? No. Is she a nudist? No. But she is married with children and grandchildren. And she has a tight little body with a small waist and those big tits. Cammille is only 5'1", which makes her a little fuck toy.

"I work in health care," Cammille said. "My husband is a surgeon, so mainly I'm seen in scrubs. Most people I know would be shocked to see me here."

Here, Cammille sucks Tony's cock deep and tries to get it all into her mouth. Then he tugs on her pussy piercings while she tugs on her nipple piercings. He fucks her, and when he withdraws his cock to change positions, Cammille spreads her pink pussy so we can see inside. Then he fucks her from behind and makes her pussy gape. Yep, it's a real gaper. And to finish things off, Tony cums on her face.

Wouldn't you?

The new MILF has a gaping pussy!

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Jewel – 60something Jewel’s threesome with two 20somethings

By Eve | July 10th, 2014
60something Jewel's threesome with two 20somethings

"We've only got 10 minutes. Get this shirt off," 65-year-old Jewel tells 21-year-old James. "I need to get fucked now! And we can't get caught here. You know that, right?"

He knows it. They're down in the warehouse. Jewel is James' boss, and we've never seen Jewel so ravenous, so cock-hungry.

"Feed me that cock," she demands.

She practically swallows James' cock and is so focused on the sucking that she doesn't realize Rocky's watching until Rocky tips over a box by mistake.

"Rocky, what are you doing down here?" Jewel says. "Well, you might as well come in here now. I want to see your cock."

Jewel sees it and sucks it. She sucks both cocks. She fucks both cocks. And both guys blow their loads on Grandma Jewel's face.

"My mood at the time determines whether I'm the aggressor or whether I let the man take charge," Jewel told us. "You can guess what kind of mood I was in on this day."

She was in the mood to suck and fuck two guys who are young enough to be her grandchildren. The fact that Jewel is a grandmother makes that even hotter.

60something Jewel's threesome with two 20somethings

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Jewel – Fuck the boss

By Eve | July 8th, 2014
Fuck the boss

You've seen 65-year-old Jewel in a lot of ways. You've seen her sucking. You've seen her fucking. You've seen her sharing cock with Bea Cummins and Lola Lee and you've seen her taking on two big, black cocks at the same time. But you've never seen this wife, mother and grandmother as cock-hungry as she is in these photos.

Jewel is a horny boss who has precious little time to fuck James in the warehouse. They can't get caught. It wouldn't look right. But before she even has James' cock out of his pants, Rocky shows up, and, hey, the best way to keep a guy silent is by sucking his dick. So, Jewel had planned to have one cock in her mouth, but now she has two. And she had planned to have one cock fucking her old pussy, but now these two young studs are taking turns on her mouth and cunt.

Rocky is 25. James is 21. In other words, they're both young enough to be Jewel's grandsons. But they're not. They're her fuck buddies.

"I love young cock," Jewel told us. "That's one of the reasons I keep coming back to your studio."

And she's always welcome. Jewel is one of our most-popular GILFs ever.

"I'm usually a more-private 'whore behind the door,' Jewel said. "But I do admit I enjoy having sex in front of the camera."

She didn't have to tell us that. We can always tell.

Fuck the boss

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Rebecca Williams – Gag on this, Mrs. Williams

By Eve | July 3rd, 2014
Gag on this, Mrs. Williams

When this video opens, 50-year-old Rebecca Williams, dressed in a bra and panties, stockings and a garter, is lying in bed. She's playing with her pussy.

"I'd like to have a cock deep in my pussy," she says. "I want to be pounded hard."

Tony shows up. He's going to pound her hard. She's going to suck him deep. When she sucks his cock, she spits all over it and gets it all wet. She gags on his cock and coats it in saliva that covers her hands, too. Rebecca is as into cock-sucking as any woman we've ever known. She also can take a pounding, and after Tony coats his cock with her pussy juices, she sucks his dick some more. Rebecca likes how her pussy tastes on his cock. It turns her on even more. Then he flips her over and makes her pussy and asshole gape. Then he fucks her some more and cums on her face.

A heckuva first time by Mrs. Williams.

Yes, Mrs. Williams. She's married. She has children. She lives in Florida, where she works as a travel agent. She's wearing panties in this scene because we asked her to, but usually, she doesn't. She's a swinger. We're glad she swung over to

Gag on this, Mrs. Williams

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Rebecca Williams – Rebecca loves a hard pecker

By Eve | July 1st, 2014
Rebecca loves a hard pecker

Rebecca Williams, a 50-year-old wife and mother from Florida, makes her debut, and when you see her video, you'll know why we think she's one of the horniest women we've ever featured. Yeah, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, and you're going to enjoy the photos of Rebecca fucking on-camera, but when you see how she drools all over this guy's cock and gags on it and takes it deep in her pussy while gaping that cunt all the way, you'll know Rebecca is special.

"Most of us ladies live two lives: one with straight friends and family and one with scene friends," Rebecca said. "My straight friends and family would be surprised to see me here."

Her "scene" friends--what she calls her swinger mates--would not be surprised.

"I started swinging when I was 20," Rebecca said. "The wildest time was when my hubby and I partied with a couple after their wedding in Vegas. They spent their wedding night with us."

Rebecca has sex three or four times a week. She gets off on "large guys and lickers." We asked her if she likes being watched while she's having sex, and she said, "Yes. It's hot and exciting, particularly seeing men watch and jerk off."

Rebecca can't see you jerk off. But she can imagine it.

Rebecca loves a hard pecker

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Cara Reid – Smooth ride

By Eve | June 26th, 2014
Smooth ride

"I lived a very sheltered life until 15 years ago, when I met my second husband," Cara said. "A Southern upbringing with Bible, church, things like that. As I grew up, I could feel things inside, but society says, 'Ladies don't do those kinds of things.' I was raised like that."

Now, thanks to Sally D'Angelo, who discovered her, Cara is fucking for the second time at, and this time she's enjoying a facial. A cum-on-your-face facial, of course.

"I love a man who is a gentleman and knows how to treat a lady," Cara said.

Tony, her young stud in this scene, knows how to fuck her face and old pussy and leave behind a parting gift. His cum.

"I love amusement parks and zoos," Cara said. "Roller coasters and animals are my favorite."

Cara knows how to ride Tony and how to get ridden. She enjoys doggie-style sex.

"My husband enjoys watching me, and that makes it even better."

Cara, after your hubby watches this scene, we're expecting a full report.

Smooth ride

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Cara Reid – Even cowgirls get the splooge

By Eve | June 24th, 2014
Even cowgirls get the splooge

Looking beautiful and fit to fuck, as usual, 61-year-old Cara Reid takes on some young cock for the second time at

"I want you to pound me so hard," Cara says. "And I want you to pull that cock out and I want to taste my pussy juice on your cock. Oh, my pussy is getting so wet thinking about it."

Married and living in Texas, sweet-talking Cara came to us by way of Sally D'Angelo, and we're pleased to announce that it's only a matter of time before you'll see Sally and Cara sharing a cock at

But that's a story for another day.

Here's the story for today: Cara is blonde and has sexy tan lines and big, fake tits. They're DD-cups. When Tony cums on her face, she smiles. You have to love a woman who smiles when she has cum all over her face. Tony, the guy who does the honors in this scene, is 34 years old. That's 27 years younger than Cara, young enough to be her son. Cara, by the way, is a mom and grandmother.

"I used to play softball," Cara said. "I watch football and the UFC fights. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys."

Even at 61, Cara is hot enough to be a Cowboys cheerleader. Of course, they probably wouldn't approve of this. But who cares?

Even cowgirls get the splooge

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